What People Are Saying

Melinda | I love the pictures you took for us in the early days.  That first week after you have a baby, you never feel like getting everyone ready and going to the mall for a formal, and rather goofy photo shoot.  Having you come to my place and capture the three of us where we were right at that moment is priceless.

Susan | I just had a chance to sit down with the photos and I had to write to tell you what a wonderful job you did! Thank you so much. You totally captured my two little fairies in action, and while probably my least favorite thing to do in the world is study close ups of my own face, I was so happy with the pictures of me. I actually look pretty. Thank you SO much. I had such anxiety about getting a photo taken and they turned out beautifully.

Elizabeth | They turned out wonderful! My husbands exact words were “She took a group of misfits like us and made us look good.” My favorites are ones are with JT and I together and the ones with Hailey and Brian together. They especially capture that “something special.” Thank you!!!! You’re Awesome!

Paige | We love working with your fun and laid back personality! You always capture creative angles and your photos have a natural feeling that appear so beautiful and classic unlike the “staged” look that so many pictures can have. What can I say… you are great!


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