Teenage boys | Shoreview family photographer

Sometimes I am just so excited to get a family on my calendar who has been trying to get family photos done for YEARS!


fall mini session shoreview mn

Do the pictures on your walls show what your kids look like now, or only when they were in diapers? If your kids are potty training, it’s fine, you are busy. If they are in elementary school, we’ll call this the grace period. But if they are closer to college than pre-K, it’s time. Which is why I was so happy to photograph this family, and cannot wait to deliver a gorgeous canvas later this week!
shoreview photographershoreview family photographer

Friends, I love to photograph babies and toddlers and all sorts of ages, but it is just so cool to see kids start to grow up and get close to their parents’ heights, and interact with them in this more mature way. As a parent of kids that are growing up, it is so satisfying to see other parents in the thick of it, and enjoying it. Way to get this, done, Sprain family!

If you are in this same spot and need to update your family pictures, shoot me an email!

Portrait Refreshers for 2017 | Twin Cities family photography

fall mini sessions shoreview minnesota

It’s the easiest time of year to get your family photos updated because 2017 Portrait Refreshers are here!

If you’ve not done this before, it’s super easy.

Pick a spot, schedule a 20 minute session with me, get 3 digital images and a gift print for Aunt Gina.

Do it this month, while the trees are lovely and it’s not too chilly, then spend November addressing your holiday cards, and December enjoying life. Done!

2017 Portrait Refresher details:

20 minute session | 3 digital images + 8×10 mounted gift print | 20% ordering discount | $150

Available through Thanksgiving.

Fourteen | Minnesota teen photographer

MN teen photographer

I shared my favorite black + white image from Grace’s 14th birthday shoot here, but there is so much colorful fun to be had, too!

Minnesota senior photographer

Minneapolis senior photographer

Fourteen isn’t that far away from our family, and Grace sure makes fourteen look fun and beautiful and confident.

Minneapolis family photographer

Even when fighting with the wind! If you can’t beat it, just laugh at it!

New Brighton family photographer

And, anyone who’s ever had a photo shoot with me knows that even if we’re taking a picture of just one kid, I’m likely to get Mom in there, too, you know, for posterity!

Silverwood park family photographer

Monochrome Monday | Minnesota family photographer

silverwood park photography

It’s very blah here today, gray and rainy and chilly and very Monday-ish, which seems like a perfect time to share a monochromatic image.

Meet Grace, photographed at Silverwood Park to celebrate birthday #14. Guys, Silverwood Park is just such a lovely setting – woods, benches, paths, the bridge, an island! I never meant to do so many photo shoots at Silverwood Park, but it has everything!

Grace has loads of gorgeous photos in color, but today we’re in Black + White.

Happy Monday!

Balancing summer | Minnesota family photographer

como conservatory photography

At the moment I’m grabbing photos of my own family, in bits and pieces here and there. They aren’t making strides like ten years ago when everything was new, they aren’t growing out of their shorts at alarming rates (though if you haven’t seen Alla in awhile, you will be surprised by her height), but they are still right outside my front window and I am so grateful that they are right outside.

We are taking occasional field trips, when we can all agree, when it’s not 850 degrees, when I can muster the energy to pack a lunch. I am always looking for a balance. A summer balance, a happiness balance.

Mostly I’m just watching, so I don’t miss anything, so I can take it all in.

If you’re interested in having your family photographed this summer, don’t wait. I’m here to tell you that they aren’t getting any younger. And if I have to say that, then you probably already know you’re past due. Take advantage of the stillness of a not-toddler, and get them all in the picture while they are right outside. Family photos are a big deal, but we don’t make a big deal of it – you just put on something that makes you feel a bit better than pajamas and gather everyone in the backyard. I’ll meet you there. Done!

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