Afternoon spring light | Shoreview, Minnesota photographer

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We haven’t gotten the best weather lately, and since tomorrow is the first day of June I’d say we’re past due. Sure, we’ve had nice pockets here and there, plus some refreshing shorts-worthy temperatures way back in February, but what I’m looking for is an endless supply.

One thing that amazes in spring, no matter the temperature, is the light. The days are so long here, the sun rising at 5:30 am and not setting until almost 9:00 pm! What the north lacks in warmth it sure makes up for in light.

So my indoor photos take on a new quality, better light, often moody light as that afternoon sun pours through clouds and into our bedroom windows. Good thing I have a preteen who loves to read and therefore sits very still.

Look around today, see that long pretty light, and snap a picture of someone you love sitting right in the middle of it.

Mother’s Day photograph

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Here’s my annual reminder to Get in the Picture, moms. Hand that camera or cell phone over to anyone around, snuggle up those kids and cherish that you’re their mom.

Be in the picture today because on all the other days you are there behind the scenes, working and making and too busy to stand next to the kids for a picture.

It’s important to them, and it’s important to you.

Get in the picture today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Amazing Moms.

Project 365 | Warm Minnesota Months

I am just loving what I turn up in my quest to complete 2015’s Project 365!

Did I even know the kids were this little then? Did I even know Fisher was missing teeth for lots of that year?

You know that saying about paying attention to the little things because those are the big things – I am completely messing that up, BUT! It’s all true. Take the pictures, of all the faces, all the details, all the things. Because you do look back and see that those were absolutely the biggest things ever.

project 365 jjkillinsProject 365 minneapolis documentary photographer

New glasses + Clay Squared | Minneapolis family photographer

clay squared to infinity class

My very own daughter has her very first pair of glasses, which she has been excited about getting for two whole weeks, and which also requires a special photo to commemorate the occasion.

This happened yesterday, on our way home from a very fun clay class in Northeast Minneapolis at Clay Squared to Infinity. We learned mixing and design techniques and each made something to bring home! She decorated a tin to carry her earbuds, and I decorated a switchplate for her bedroom! I highly recommend the Intro to Polymer Clay class at Clay Squared. What a fun outing for a mom and child, for friends, even for a birthday party!

Between the clay and the glasses, we had a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

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