Project 365 | Twin Cities documentary photographer

I am a sucker for a personal photography project. Complete sucker. In 2015 I undertook the massive personal photography project of one photo a day. I am so very glad I did it. But, I cannot tell a lie, I am still in post-processing for this project.

A few things that have gotten in the way of me getting this project from camera to computer to beautiful hardcover book:

  1. Life.
  2. Life.
  3. Life.

2017, however, is a catch-up year for me. I vowed not to take on any new projects so I could use this year to tie up loose ends on every other project.

Here’s where I am with my Project 365: editing the second half of 2015.

Obviously, getting all of the editing done will be a huge accomplishment. But then, there’s the designing of a book to contain all of these images. It’s a major undertaking.

But here’s the unexpected fun part of taking this real slow – I am uncovering gems! Photos that I took in August of 2015, managed to get onto my computer and organize in the proper folder, are now showing themselves to me for the first time. Just two short years ago, my kids were still so little!

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I knew this project was going to be big. It is kind of unbelievable that I’m still working on it. But when I get that book in my hand and get to see my people’s faces? Worth it.

Now, go take a picture of your people.

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