The Last Friday of September | Minnesota personal photojournalism

Welcome to the October photojournalism blog circle!

Once the school year begins, Fridays take on a new feeling. The Thank God part is what I’m saying. We all breathe a sigh of relief, one more down, only about 33 to go. If you get a nice Friday in September (or any fall month for that matter), it feels that much better. September in shorts isn’t a given in Minnesota.

minnesota baseball

Starting to see what’s left of the garden and the pots. Fisher’s thunbergia is pretty tough, will be around through first frost.
minnesota photographer

We swing in all seasons here. I doubt we will ever take that swing down. The kids come from all the houses for it because it’s the only one left in the neighborhood. This one fits young and older.
minneapolis photographer
minneapolis photographer

Or two at once.
minneapolis family photography
twin cities family photography

Yes we do wear blue on Fridays. Sometimes people get the reference to the Mean Girls movie, sometimes they just read it. Either way, we wear it in solidarity with Fisher.
T1 Diabetes photographer

Middle school brings special STEAM classes, and one of those is photography. She didn’t get into that one for this semester, but wants to learn nonetheless. So this is my little photographer, also my hope for getting in more pictures.
Shoreview Mn kid photographer
Family photographer Shoreview MN

Next month’s blog circle may look entirely different. Leaves. Cold. Fleece. Snow flies in Minnesota Octobers with some regularity. I’m hoping, though, that this isn’t the last of the warmth. Next in the circle: Joy, a Children’s Lifestyle Photographer in Lancaster, PA!

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