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Ah, summer. That time of year that Minnesotans fantasize about when we’re pulling on our third sweater just to be somewhat comfortable indoors when it’s absolutely zero degrees.

Summer is here. I always forget how busy it is, even though I keep reminding myself that up until those last two months of the school year, we regularly had nothing on our calendar. The busy-ness has continued, but I can feel it winding down, see that there are longer stretches in between the stuff, and more evenings free again, finally.

Saturday was one such day. Yes, we worked on the house, always working on the house. But we had no place to be. Leisurely breakfast making and reading at the table ensued.


shoreview documentary photographer
Shoreivew MN documentary photographer

When I woke up I thought I’d see who wanted to come to the Farmer’s Market with me, as it was nearly the end of July and we had yet to hit up a single farmer’s market. Criminal.
Mill City farmers marketMill City vendorsGuthrie photographerGuthrie documentary photographerGuthrie Theater MN

Alla and I headed out to Mill City because I knew it has unique crafty vendors that she would like, since she’d never been. She is so happy when she is crafting. She has been making a doll all summer and just this weekend it came to fruition! It is done and has clothes and a name even. She is an amazing 11 year old.

Minneapolis skyline photograph

They also have ice cream.
Mill City ice cream
Mill City ice cream

We came home to what we always come home to: Fisher playing baseball. Saturday afternoon was for pitching practice, trading off pitching and catching with his best friend. He is so happy when he is playing.
Minnesota baseball

Summer slips out of your fingers, I always feel it, but there is still so much summer for us! We don’t go back to school until after Labor Day so we have over a month of fun to go. More memories to make and more photos to take!

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