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A street (2)

Don’t know if I’ve fully embraced the term “tween,” though I’m certain I have one. We are definitely in between. She is in her final year of elementary school, and I imagine the weight of that will hit this spring when there are so many final events. (Either the weight will be all the final elementary emotions, or my head hitting the pillow after the twentieth event in a single week, as spring goes.)

alla tree (1)

Either way, perhaps “tween” isn’t really in our vocabulary too much because she still seems like the same old Alla. Crafting, knitting, drawing, crocheting, reading Harry Potter, sleeping with all those stuffed friends every night that there’s hardly room for a snuggle!

alla wind (3) BW

She’s fun, always has had that smile light up her eyes and your heart.

alla leaves (15)

She’s always coming up with ideas, and always trying to get those ideas to fruition. Determined girl.

alla mommy (1)BW

And, best part, she’s mine.


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Jessica - I love how you captured her perfectly. Having a daughter myself, I’m always capturing her qualities. Amazing job.March 3, 2016 – 2:05 am

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