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leap day 2016 time capsule

Four years ago my crafty photographer and scrapbook friends and I put together time capsules from Leap Day 2012, sealed them up with DO NOT OPEN UNTIL LEAP DAY 2016, and then sat back and felt amazed that 2016 was forever away.

Forever away is upon us, my friends! I am gasping at how fast those four years flew by, and thrilled to sit down with my family on Monday to see what we put in there! Frankly it’s kind of a wonder that I haven’t misplaced it in four years.

We are super excited to see what’s inside the 2012 envelope, and looking forward to creating a Leap Day 2016 Time Capsule. I’m here to encourage you to do the same! It’s a fun, easy project to which every family member can contribute.

While you don’t need a ton of supplies for this to be successful, you might want a few days just to think about what you’ll want to include.

Here’s how to create your own Leap Day Time Capsule:

Get a padded or thick envelope, so that anything you put in there will be protected.

Take pictures all day long! Document your day, all of it, from tooth-brushing to shoe-tying to bedtime stories, because I guarantee in four years your routine will look different.

Include snippets from your day:

newspaper (I at least like to include the 7-day forecast)
tracings of the kids’ hands
papers that come home from school

On a piece of paper, write down:

what you all ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (pictures are good here, too!)
family portrait from today (selfie!)
family members’ ages, kids heights
what everyone is reading, favorites such as food and movies and games and colors
have everyone sign their name

Write a love note to each family member.

Put everything in the envelope at the end of the day BUT DO NOT SEAL IT – YET!

The next day, on March 1st, you MUST get those pictures you took printed out. It doesn’t matter if you stop at Walgreens, print them at home, or order them online. You have to take care of this right away, or you will forget and your time capsule will be very sad and incomplete.

As soon as you get your photos, slip them in the envelope, SEAL IT, and label it LEAP DAY 2016 with a special note on there that says, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL LEAP DAY 2020, which of course is forever away.

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