Bunches of regular days | Project 365 | Minnesota photojournalism

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Still plugging away at my Project 365 for 2015, which means lots of culling, resizing, editing. I can’t wait until I see all 365 pictures in album form. I hope there is movement in it, I hope the seasons are evident, the highs and lows and bunches of regular days.

If there is one belief this project – taking a photo every single day of 2015 – solidified for me, it’s thankfulness for the bunches of regular days. It’s not big outings, vacations, or even birthdays, although all of those things were truly special in 2015. It’s just noticing moments of regular days that stand out as beautiful. Thankfully, even though I am done with my 365, I am still seeing these moments.

We are currently knee-deep in the dust of a home remodeling project, so I am posting this here not only as encouragement for all of you in the midst of the long month of February, but also for myself as I struggle with the upheaval that comes with caring for your home. Beauty truly is there, even on days when it looks a little dust-covered.

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