Project 365 | Catching up

It’s November here in Minnesota, isn’t it friends? I mean, a week ago I was biking with my friend for some afternoon coffee, and today I sit here editing my heart out with practically numb fingers. The chill is here.

And yet.

So many pictures to share.

I admit that though all of your prints and canvases are ordered, shipped, scheduled, and otherwise taken care of, my own pictures are kind of just sitting here.

Are you’re wondering how that 365 project is going, you know the one where I take a picture of something or someone every single day of 2015 here in Minnesota? It is still going strong, and the end is in sight! I am very far behind on editing those images, but they are at the very least organized through November. I can see a beautiful photo book already, and my children taking a look back at 2015. Hopefully that happens while it’s still winter here and not spring or summer! In the meantime I’ll try to share a few of the images I’m coming across in my personal collection of photos, some from summer to remind us.
kids in the kitchen

L o o k   i n   h e r e