Project 365 | October in Minnesota

october minnesota photography

Are you all just in love with how amazing the fall light is? Or is it just that I’m a photographer? The light goes low in the sky earlier now, so I don’t have to wait til nine to get a warm, glowy photo. Yesterday I walked to the corner because I had seen this lone yellow weed there during the day all lit up, so I went back to see it during the golden hour. Some people came out of a nearby house came out and asked if I was taking a picture of some interested bird or other animal across the street, and I think might have been a bit disappointed that, no, it’s only a weed.

If there’s one thing you learn about photographing through the seasons in Minnesota, however, it’s how everything becomes precious when it might be the last.

The last day of 80 degrees, then the last day of 70 degrees.
The last flock of geese you saw flying in their V away to warmer lands.

One year my daughter and I found the last dandelion ready to blow in the park in November, but we didn’t blow it, we kept it on a shelf all winter and it was so very lovely there, still holding on to all of its pretty seeds.

So this weed yesterday, it might be the last yellow holdout standing there on the corner.

Here in Minnesota we are all having a four-day weekend. For those of you non-Minnesotans, yes, every school in the entire state is having a four-day weekend. School is hard, we need a break already. If you’re a Minnesotan you are already looking around you for all the gorgeous fall colors.

Keep your eyes open this weekend – look for all those last things that may soon be blown away or buried.

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