Linden Hills Streets + Alleys | Minneapolis family photographer

One of the most fun aspects of family photography is, you guessed it, families. It is especially satisfying to watch a family grow over a few years, something that we all know is hard to catch as a parent living with your children day in and day out. But a photographer captures those kids where they are right now, once each year, and sees those children becoming more themselves than they were the last year. A photographer gets to step back and just watch. What a privilege!

Pure joy = getting Dad in the photos this year!

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It is always such fun to photograph these girls. For me as a mom of younger kids, it’s a peek into life 6-7 years from now. This family is just as busy as the next with all of the activities and stuff, but seeing them together I always get the sense that they are into each other, that they are each other’s safe havens. What we all want to give to our loves.
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My final thoughts, each and every time I leave this family? Good job, Mom. Your girls are so neat. Lucky all of you.

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