Afternoon tasks | September blog circle

Welcome to September’s blog circle! This month we tackled a simple, often un-inspiring theme: daily tasks. You know, the things you do every single day that you don’t think are so special. This month I captured our after-school routine, which some days, despite the simple tasks involved, is so very hard. The reason I wanted to document this. what is basically a fairly humdrum part of our afternoon? I wondered what I used to do when I came home from school.
after school tasks

Shoes off, hands washed.
Unpack lunches and backpacks.
Check your blood sugar.
Get a snack (start with a fruit or vegetable).
Do your homework.
Go outside.
after school tasks
after school tasks
after school tasks
after school tasks
after school tasks
minnesota silhouette
window light

Click through this month’s documentary-style blog circle to see the amazing Katy, Texas photographer Jessica Pajimula of Samarie-Lee Photography!

I challenge you to find the beauty in your own daily tasks.

Christine - I love how you documented the little details in their after school routine. <3October 4, 2015 – 6:12 pm

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