The bedtime of middle childhood.

Today I am sharing our version of bedtime, as part of a wonderful blog circle of talented photographers sharing their own versions. Bedtime is one of those routines that we as families do every single night, but don’t often think of as special enough to document. I’m here to say that if my children should ever become moody teenagers who shun these lovely bedtime customs, I’ll have these photos to comfort me. If you don’t have your own family’s bedtime photographed yet, hop to it! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to the next bedtime adventure. Which one looks most like your own?shoreview photographyWelcome to the bedtime of middle childhood, which looks so very different than the bedtimes of five or so years ago. We’ve gone from baths to showers. From laying lotioned baby buns on a changing table for a fresh nighttime diaper to kids who rarely wear actual pajamas, since putting on your clothes for the next morning is so much more efficient. Their hands are occupied, which I believe began last summer when Alla learned to knit, and then, also wanting to have a craft, Fisher did some cross-stitching. There are also Rainbow Loom nights, and drawing nights, and secret Christmas card-making nights, as well as just quiet friend-snuggling nights.shoreview photographerAlways present is a book, and this, aside from the friend menagerie, may be the one constant from babyhood and then toddlerhood and preschool bedtimes. Always a book. In our house, Mom and Dad take turns reading, alternating nights. We each have a book going with the kids, and I am always amazed at their abilities to keep them straight, and to remember where we left off. Currently I am reading Half Magic and Ron is reading Lord of the Rings.shoreview mn photographerjjkillinsphotographyAt the end of bedtime stories, we tuck them in and say bedtime prayers. Sometimes they are allowed to read for awhile longer, sometimes it is sleepy time. And then kisses and hugs, and night-night. Some nights we snuggle longer, some nights, Mom and Dad are ready for a break.shoreview documentary photographyI cannot wait to see what the other photographers’ bedtime stories look like! Please click the link here to follow our blog circle to see Amanda Sheehan of Little Tootsie’s Photography’s post: Cincinnati Family Photographer – and have fun!

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amanda myers - I love your pictures! Since my kids are little now, it’s fun to see what bedtime might evolve into as they get older, love it!August 2, 2015 – 10:31 am

Tiffany Roberson - Great photos! My daughter is 1 1/2 so this is a nice peek into life down the road for us 😉August 2, 2015 – 3:02 pm

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