Fleeting summer.

shoreview photographyDo you feel how fast summer is moving? I feel these long lazy days where afternoons loll on and on, and yet I look at the calendar and find us in the last week of July, and then suddenly I am scrambling. Have we done enough stuff? Will we have time for more? If the summer were over now, would it be enough for them, for me, to feel I was a good mama this summer.

Don’t shush me, I know all about mom guilt and my head tells me of course it’s enough. And also we could stay home all day and do nothing and to them those are the best days. The B-Days, Fisher says. I just have to keep listening to that smart brain of mine and looking around to see that they are indeed happy. This is so much for them.

For moms, though, it’s never enough. Because when afternoons get long, they drift off looking for friends to play with, and I am content with the quiet, yet always wanting more. More snuggles, more kisses, more chapters, more memories.

When the hours that they are out there bouncing around with friends gets real long for me, I have these pictures, all these pictures! So many pictures, all the days of this summer that I am treasuring.

Capture the moments, be with your kids, hand over your camera, prove you were there, too (I’m working on that). And if you still need more, book a summer session with me. I’ll capture it all for you.

The following weekend summer dates are still available:                    

August 8/9

August 15/16

August 29/30

September 5/6

Contact me for weekday/night availability.

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