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I have a treat for you today if by chance you might be like me and feel yourself just slightly under prepared for children being home all the hours of the whole entire summer. I happened upon this summer reading list concept at The Art of Simple before last summer, made each of my kids a reading list, told them to pick ten and then pick a reward if they completed the ten. My kids like to read, they would read anyway, but this expanded their reading in wonderful ways. My six year old read Regarding the Fountain, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the first I Survived book. This led to reading all of the Wimpy Kid books and all of the I Survived books. The purpose of a mom-created summer reading list is to introduce kiddos to books they haven’t heard of, genres they don’t naturally read, and the first books in series that will hook them.

Homework is done at our school, and it’s pretty much playtime all day every day until the last day, so tonight I unveiled this summer’s reading lists with flourish. I even let them stay up til nine to get started, but do not tell their father because he thinks they are sound asleep up there. Anyway, you’d have thought I handed them, um, iPads to play with before bedtime the way their faces lit up.

Whether you adopt this awesome concept from The Art of Simple, find a few titles your kiddos would adore, or just love looking at book lists as much as I do, here are our summer reading lists for 2015!
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