Favorite Things.

Today I’m sharing three of my favorite things with you! I tend to see these kinds of posts on Fridays, and just love them. I think we all walk through our days and embrace these essentials without much thought, but when I read about someone else’s favorites, I am coming from the perspective of always being on the lookout for new favorites!

Here are three of mine, which may one day become a favorite of yours!

1. My daily journal. I am on year three of this cute little journal and cannot say enough good about it. I’ve been a journaler my whole life, but as a mom I just don’t have time to write for days on end, so this little gem solves that problem. You only have room to write a few sentences, but it’s just enough to jog your memory when you look back on years past. I wish I’d had this when my kids were babies! I started it when my son was three, and there are some adorable utterances that I jotted down in there. It’s also good for keeping track of the weather, and noticing how the weather plays such a key role in our daily activities here in Minnesota. Many entries start with the daily weather report!
one line a day journal

2. Goody spin pins. If you can put your hair in a bun, you NEED these pins. You wrap your hair into a bun (it’s most secure with a ponytail first, but not essential if you’re going for a looser look), then twist these into place (righty tighty lefty lucy!). Voila! Instant up-do.
goody spin pins

3. My game-playing son. Today is World Diabetes Day, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include him in my favorites, because he absolutely is. One of our favorite things to do together is play games. I come from a game-closet type of family, and games are big in our family, too. Fisher seems to get into one game and then that’s all we play for a few months until he moves onto the next. This Connect Four set is one I picked up about three years ago, and while we haven’t read the instructions for the extra pieces it comes with, we do appreciate the game counter on the bottom ring of the stand. We can quickly play first one to ten before school in the morning.
connect four

What are some of your favorites?

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