Pip & Squeak Boutique | Minneapolis photographer

Minneapolis child photographer j.j. killins

I was over the moon to photograph a new design for the adorable Minneapolis label Pip & Squeak. Not only is this hoodie adorable, impeccably handcrafted, and soft as all get out, I got to put my favorite superhero in it and take him out for his very own photo session.

This little boy is a superhero everyday, enduring pricks and pokes and needles and constant monitoring of his food. And it’s just the way it is, no way around it.

He puts on this sweatshirt and goes flying around like he has superpowers, and he knows it’s just pretend, but I know different. I know he does have superpowers, those of patience and strength, and the ability to rise above it all and just be awesome. 

This little boy shows me his superpowers every single day, and now, in his super hoodie, he is showing everyone!

L o o k   i n   h e r e